Why Kids Insights

We make everything you need to know about what is going on in kids’ ecosystem today, available in real-time, with expert insights into the “flash” and “global” trends provided every quarter.

Our vision is  to be the most comprehensive and dynamic market intelligence specialist on all things kids. We know there are people out there providing market intelligence but what we do is unique and designed to provide you with the tools you need to do your job better, and hopefully make it easier too.




Our award-winning research methodology is designed for the modern world. We collect data every single week, enabling us to provide “real-time” data and provide our clients with the opportunity to quickly identify “flash” and “global” trends and to enable us to develop game-changing insight-led market intelligence reports each quarter.

All research is collected ethically and compliant with the GDPR legislation.

Collecting the Data

  • We work with two of the most respected research panels in the world, both of which have multiple offices in Europe, North America and Asia and comply with COPPA, the EU Safer Internet programme and all ESOMAR guidelines
  • Our respective research panels have access to more than 10 million respondents from more than 40 countries
  • Panel participants are recruited using various methods including online banners, PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing and online PR carried out in line with global and local legislation
  • Our research panels will not knowingly collect any information from any child without permission from his/her parents, legal guardian or an adult responsible for the care of the child
  • Our panels will not actively recruit children but does so via their parents.  They ask their panellists if they have children, the age of the child, and if they would be willing to be contacted for their child to complete a survey
  • A parent must be present whilst their child takes the survey
  • The parents of the child receive points and vouchers for the time which they spend completing the survey

As a digital insights company, we are reviewing and monitoring any legislative impact on our business.  It is crucial to our business that we retain our respondents and clients’ trust and confidence when processing their personal data. We have therefore undertaken a worldwide program to address and review certain areas that particularly affect our business.

This program includes the business undertaking a data retention and data analysis exercise, followed by a gap analysis and implementation of measures to ensure any gaps are closed.  In addition, we are implementing plans to strengthen the security measures it employs on the processing of client data.  We and our partners will be fully GDPR compliant for May 2018.


In our opinion providing just one written report every 12 months seems totally irrelevant and unacceptable. That’s why we provide you with multi-dimensional reporting enabling you to have access to the data in “real-time”, being able to interrogate to your own specific needs as well as benefiting from expert analysis. We allow you to “take the keys” and control the portal, we provide you with four in-depth reports every quarter, host quarterly insight webinars for you to partake in as well as delivering a monthly e-newsletter on key highlights all delivered directly to you, available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Kids Insights is more than just a research and insights business. It’s a group of bright, driven and fun individuals who are passionate about providing our clients with access to research and insights which deliver the biggest impact to our clients’ lives.

Come and join our growing family of clients

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