Video game update: Crash Bandicoot on top

For the seventh week since its release, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy was the number 1 selling game in the UK. However sales fell by around 25{87fcb58dfd20e2a62cd2f24b6340d4bdfba9323e021b86e26185cb9c1787758b} compared to the week before.

We will find out in the Q3 Screen Scape report whether this PlayStation exclusive was popular with the younger gamer or if nostalgic older fans were driving sales.

New releases Agents of Mayhem and City Skylines: PlayStation 4 Edition didn’t manage to knock Crash Bandicoot off the top spot this week.

Each quarter, as part of our On-Track series, we collect data from 5000 kids aged between 4 and 18 and provide analysis of the quarters most popular video games.

Facebook and Instagram: Latest Hot Topics

Analysis of the July data shows what people in the UK were talking about on Facebook and Instagram.

On Facebook, younger males were often talking about sport, whether that is the upcoming super fight between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather or the Premier Leagues latest signings and Alexandre Lacazette and Romelu Lukaku.

As expected, younger males and females were posting about the new Game of Throne series in equal amounts.

Brands preparing for Roald Dahl Day

13th of September will see kids celebrate Roald Dahl, one of the most popular children’s authors who ever lived.

Whether in a library, school, book shop or at home, kids can partake in a range of exciting activities – from baking to fancy dress and quizzes. The Roald Dahl estate has released lessons plans so that teachers can get their class involved.

This year, the focus will be centred around a new edition of the author’s final children’s book, Billy and the Minpins (to be released in September 2017).

Top Trumps has also released a new card game, featuring all of the author’s favourite characters to coincide with the day

Keep up to date with everything kids are reading in our Leisure Measure On-Track report. Leisure Measure is the definitive guide to what kids are doing offline, from how they spend their time, who they spend their time with and what they enjoy doing and what they are currently consuming.

Thirteen Reasons Why

Teenagers are chatting about the new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why this month.

The controversial US series is about a teenage school girl who commits suicide after leaving cassette tapes detailing the 13 reasons why she took her own life. The series explores teenager’s mental health, cyber bullying and even sexual assault.

The show has seen some praise for helping to remove the stigma around mental health, but also criticism for glamorising suicide.

August Cinema Update

Whilst many critics think that the Emoji Movie is the worst family film of the year, box office sales were favourable, with the film generating a similar amount to Captain Underpants.

Dunkirk remains top of the box office this week. The film is set to overtake Despicable Me 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to become the second biggest hit of the year – behind Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.



Kids Insights Team Up with Total Licensing Magazine

Kids Insights the largest market research and insights resource on kids, tweens and teens in the UK has teamed up with Total Licensing to provide quarterly Bitesize Trend update, using data captured from the Kids Insights On-Track Insight Reports, which survey 5,000 4-18 year olds in the UK every quarter.

The Bitesize Trend update produced for Total Licensing will provide insights into the world of kids’ consumption and behaviour; including how they are spending their time and money, to how they are talking.

Nick Richardson, Founder of Kids Insights comments,

“We are delighted to be working with the Total Licensing team to provide their readers with a snapshot into the latest trends in the world of kids. It’s fair to say that it has never been so important to be completely up to date with what is going on as the landscape across all areas is developing at a rate of speed which has never been seen before”

Click here for more on Total Licensing 

Bee Industrious Launches Kids Insights

Bee Industrious the market research and insights specialist based in Manchester, with offices in Lagos (Nigeria) and New York has today launched Kids Insights.

Kids Insights is the largest market research and insights resource on kids, tweens and teens in the UK – with the vision of providing marketers with the most comprehensive range of resources on the consumption and behavioural trends of 4-18 year olds in the UK.

Each month, Kids Insights survey more than 1,600 kids, tweens and teens (5,000 a quarter) between the ages of 4-18 years of age and each quarter produce four in-depth On-Track insight reports “Screen Scape”, “Leisure Measure”, “Reach Meter” and “Trend Alert”. These contain expert insight led commentary making them the most comprehensive and regular reports of their kind in the UK.

Screen Scape: is the definitive digital report into kids’ content specifically what kids are watching, playing and talking about!

Leisure Measure: is the definitive guide to what kids are doing offline, from how they spend their time, who they spend their time with and what they enjoy doing and what they are currently consuming.

Reach Meter: provides a detailed look into kids’ online behaviour – providing a detailed understanding of their online behaviour by day, time, and seeing which platforms are successful in engaging kids.

Trend Alert: looks into what the latest trends are in the world of kids, and looks to identify what has caused these trends, and what kids think will be the next big thing!

A subscription to all four reports per quarter (16 reports in total) is available for £20,000 a year.

Nick Richardson, Founder and Managing Director of Bee Industrious comments,

“Kids Insights is designed for the modern-day needs and requirements of marketers. The On-Track reports are designed to be insight led, with a focus on the why and not just the data. The reports are designed to have both key snippets of bitesize information for executives but also more comprehensive datasets for data hungry marketers”

Kids Insights also offer bespoke research and insight solutions for companies and have a number of projects not just in the UK but also in international markets, and from the 1st January 2018 Kids Insights will be launching an online portal enabling subscribers of the On-Track data to have access to “real-time” data which will be collected every week from more than 400 kids, tweens and teens.

Richardson adds,

“Ultimately, we are a solution based organisation and when we spoke to our existing and potential subscribers we identified that there was a need for access to the data in “real-time”, so our development team started to build a database and portal which will provide that. The database and portal is built and working – and we are currently testing and fine tuning from a usability experience. The plan is to make a free demo available on later this year before launching the full service on the 1st January 2018”

Disney to pull content from Netflix

Disney is set to withdraw its content from Netflix and take on the streaming site with the launch of its own service from 2019, showing family hits such as the Toy Story and Frozen.

Netflix shares fell 4{87fcb58dfd20e2a62cd2f24b6340d4bdfba9323e021b86e26185cb9c1787758b} with the news, which is also a concern to Amazon.

Disney has not yet made a decision on whether to include Marvel (and the Avengers franchise) with characters such as Iron Man and Captain America, and Lucasfilm, the company behind Star Wars, in the new service.


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