Could Children’s Heavy Use of Tech Begin to Change?

Children and tech companies are becoming more conscious of ‘digital wellbeing’, creating big changes for brands interacting with children on digital platforms.

Over the last 12 months, the number of teenage boys who spend over 2 hours per weekday on their mobile has jumped by 42%.

But attitudes are beginning to shift towards more controlled and considered use of technology.

As reported earlier in the year by Kids Insights, tech giants Apple and Google (who produce the operating systems for the vast majority of smartphones) have faced claims their products are designed to hold users’ attention for as long as possible, in turn creating addictive products for children.

But now, both Apple and Google have released features designed to nudge users to spend less time on their products. Parents can now view activity reports for children’s device usage and easily limit certain uses and apps.

With Apple and Google making it simple for parents to be in control – children’s heavy use of technology could begin to change.

YouTube have also recently introduced a similar feature, called ‘take a break’. Following that, the average time spent on YouTube has dipped slightly, although the number of users is stable – suggesting the same amount of people are using it for a shorter amount of time.

Brands interacting with children online should ensure that their technology or apps provide meaningful content or helpful interactions – and do no encourage unhealthy habits.

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