Jonathan Watson Appointed as Kids Insights Product Manager

Kids Insights the largest, most dynamic market research and insights resource on kids, tweens and teens in the UK  has announced the appointment of Jonathan Watson as Product Manager. The new role will see Jonathan oversee the development of Kids Insights (


Kids Insights which is the largest research resource focussing on the kids, tweens and teens market in the UK – with more than 400 “4-18 year olds” surveyed every week (20,000 per annum), producing 16 On-Track reports for some of the biggest brands in the sector, and has exciting plans to launch a number of new products and services over the next few months.

Nick Richardson, Founder of Kids Insights comments,

“Our vision for Kids Insights is to provide our clients with access to dynamic, data and insight led reports, and we came to the conclusion that we needed to structure our business differently and have a Product Manager overseeing the delivery of our current products and services, but to also work closely with our researchers, partners and clients to develop future products and services. Jonathan joined us earlier this year and since joining us he has excelled, not only producing amazing work but demonstrating a commitment and determination to play such an important role in delivering a number of client projects and all of the hardwork which has been going on behind the scenes to launch Kids Insights. Considering his skills, future aspirations and the key role he has already played we are delighted to appoint him as Kids Insights Product Manager”


Jonathan adds,

“I am delighted to be given the opportunity to help take Kids Insights to the next level. We already produce the most comprehensive and up to date reports on this sector, but this is just the beginning of our plans.”


To download a sample Kids Insights On-Track report – please click here