Kids Insights: As Featured on BBC’s Click

Kids Insights, the UK’s most comprehensive and in-depth market research and insights intelligence on all things kids, tweens and teens, was featured on BBC Click, the weekly television programme dedicated to covering news and recent developments in the world of technology.

Click is the BBC’s flagship technology programme, on both TV and radio across 5 BBC channels, and is described by them as “the best debate on global technology, social media and the internet”.

Click interviewed Kids Insights at The Children’s Global Media Conference 2017, which took place in Manchester. The show was last held 3 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, before Kids Insights was founded. The Children’s Global Media Summit is designed to bring together creatives, technology innovators, policymakers, executives and thought leaders from around the world to inform and redesign the future media for Generation U and explore the impact that digital technology will have in children’s futures.

Click host Spencer Kelly Interviewed Kids Insights Product Manager, Jonathan Watson, on the release of their new, innovative online portal, that gathers insights on kids in ‘real time’. They survey 400 kids a week, and work with brands such as DC Thomson, Guinness World Records, Penguin Random House, and Turner.

Product Manager, Jonathan Watson gives BBC’s Click the lowdown on Kids Insights

Managing Director, Nick Richardson comments;

“It was a real coup that our ground-breaking Kids Insights portal has been featured on BBC Click on the day we launched our portal. The interest we have had on Kids Insights has been phenomenal with us receiving just under a hundred enquiries in the last week!”

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