Kids Insights Team Up with Total Licensing Magazine

Kids Insights the largest market research and insights resource on kids, tweens and teens in the UK has teamed up with Total Licensing to provide quarterly Bitesize Trend update, using data captured from the Kids Insights On-Track Insight Reports, which survey 5,000 4-18 year olds in the UK every quarter.

The Bitesize Trend update produced for Total Licensing will provide insights into the world of kids’ consumption and behaviour; including how they are spending their time and money, to how they are talking.

Nick Richardson, Founder of Kids Insights comments,

“We are delighted to be working with the Total Licensing team to provide their readers with a snapshot into the latest trends in the world of kids. It’s fair to say that it has never been so important to be completely up to date with what is going on as the landscape across all areas is developing at a rate of speed which has never been seen before”

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