New Data Just In: YouTube and Netflix Usage Surpass Linear TV With All Children

For the first time ever, Kids Insights have this quarter found that all children between the age of 4 and 18 have watched more Netflix and YouTube than normal TV.

Teenagers in particular have been watching more YouTube and Netflix and TV over the last year, but now for the first time even the youngest children aged 4-6 have watched more streaming platforms than regular TV.

In general, boys watch more normal TV and YouTube than girls, who tend to watch more Netflix.

YouTube has been in the news again this week, with the now infamous YouTuber, Logan Paul’s media affair, after he came under scrutiny for uploading a controversial vlog to over 15 million subscribers, that gained an array of negative reactions across Twitter and Facebook.

Additionally, the 90’s TV show Friends (which is still one of the more popular TV shows with teens aged 16-18) has been made available on Netflix in the last week, which could also be another factor in the usage of the streaming service partnering with YouTube to surpass the usage of normal TV.

Surveying 20,000 children per annum, Kids Insights add data from 400 kids aged 4-18 every single week, thus providing you with access to this insight in ‘real-time’ through the online portal.

YouTube and Netflix usage account for the majority of on-screen engagement for all kids.

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