New Strategic Collaboration with PACT

Leading market intelligence specialists, The Insights People, has launched a strategic new collaboration with TV membership body PACT, to help TV producers grow and strengthen their commissioning prospects.


As well as writing regular features for PACT industry members using on the real-time data from its proprietary Kids Insights and Parents Insight tools, The Insights People will offer a range of tiered options for PACT members aiming to access data on key markets.


The aim is to help independent producers gain access vital information on young people and parents, unpinning the commercial arguments for why programmes should be commissioned.


Using the wide-ranging, real-time data from thousands of young people and parents, The Insights People will offer producers access to essential insights into the eco-systems of communities, as well as highlighting potential audience engagement ideas and social (i.e. YouTube) collaborators.


PACT members will also be able to inject their own questions into the company’s award-winning “Kids Insights” and “Parents Insights” portals – through its AQuA (All Questions Answered) technology – which analyses data from 200 different expecting and new parents and 400 kids, tweens and teens every week.


The Insights People CEO, Nick Richardson, who brokered the deal with PACT, said: “In today’s fast changing world, access to statistically robust, real-time data has never been more important. And that is certainly the case for producers looking to engage today’s consumers of all ages.


“Through this unique collaboration with PACT we can give companies access to this data, enable them to shape their own questions or create bespoke reports on industries, sectors, topics and themes.”


Dawn McCarthy-Simpson MBE, from PACT, said:  “Pact members will be able to benefit from this offer by accessing data on children and their parents to enable them to spot trends and opportunities to develop new ideas for children’s programmes.”


PACT members will receive a special discounted rate and the offer is available to them by contacting Product Manager Jonathan Watson at [email protected] or calling 0330 159 6631.