As well as our online portal, we produce 4 in-depth insight-led physical reports each quarter. Each of our quarterly reports are based on the results of surveying 5,000 kids, tweens and teens. The four reports provide a comprehensive insight into kids and their ecosystems, with each report focusing on the below areas.

Leisure Measure

focusses on the offline lives of children, how they spend their time, what they enjoy doing and what they are currently consuming

With more choices than ever, how kids spend their leisure time and what they do continues to become more fragmented. Technology continues to affect how children spend their leisure time and traditional pastimes continue to evolve to embed technological innovations. These developments are having a significant impact on children’s behaviour.


Time Toys & Games Food Hobbies Money Music Shopping

Reach Meter

focusses on children’s use of technology and devices

Providing a detailed understanding of their online behaviour by day, and time, REACH METER looks at which platforms are successful in engaging kids.

Devices continue to fill the gaps in children’s busy lives and ensure that they are entertained by providing access to endless content to fill their days. Having access to their favourite content and being able to instantly connect with one another continues to be a critical component of kids’ lives.


Devices Chatting TV & VOD

Screen Scape

focusses on children’s favourite onscreen content across all media that they have access to – including films, games, TV & VOD

Super-fragmentation of content and upcoming legislation has significant impact on reaching Gen Z audiences. Children and young people’s access to ever increasing amounts and types of content goes hand in hand with rising ownership of devices.  Content is no longer viewed solely in terms of episodic TV or short form entertainment to amuse, but also as a source of rich and valuable content for self-learning.

Video Games YouTube Characters Films

Trend Alert

focuses on the latest global and flash trends occurring in the kids ecosystem

First and foremost, TREND ALERT focuses on identifying and highlighting the implications of “global” and “flash” trends which are taking place in the kids industry and of course looking for the next big thing!

The report also looks at which brands are resonating well (and not so well) with kids, and each quarter we look forward to kids’ relationship with four key occasions: Christmas, Easter, Summer Holidays and Halloween.


BrandsFuture Seasonal

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