Grow and strengthen your commissioning prospects

The Insights People is helping independent producers gain access to vital information on young people and parents, unpinning the commercial arguments for why programmes should be commissioned.

In partnership with Pact, the trade association representing the commercial interests of UK media companies, The Insights People are offering a unique TV industry product focused on boosting access to data for UK production houses.

Having developed some of the UK’s most comprehensive and dynamic market intelligence tools, we are now offering exclusive deals for Pact members to help new programme concepts get commissioned.

How we can help you get that commission

Using our wide-ranging, real-time data from thousands of young people and parents, The Insights People will offer producers access to essential insights into the eco-systems of communities, as well as highlighting potential audience engagement ideas and social collaborators.

Pact members will also be able to inject their own questions into the our award-winning “Kids Insights” and “Parents Insights” portals – through our AQuA (All Questions Answered) technology – which analyses data from 200 different expecting and new parents and 800 kids, tweens and teens every week.

“It’s become more and more apparent that today a creative pitch, even with a proof of concept, is no longer sufficient when pitching to TV commissioners. Data and insights into audiences – and why your proposed show might work for them – now need to be part of your pitch, and it’s brilliant that companies like Kids Insights are available to provide us with solid and reliable data to support our creative endeavours.”

Jamie Anderson
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About PACT

Pact is the trade association representing the commercial interests of UK independent television, film, digital, children’s and animation media companies. For more information on Pact, click here.

Contact Us for More Information

PACT members will receive a special discounted rate and the offer is available to them by contacting Product Manager Jonathan Watson at [email protected] or calling +44330 159 6631.

For more information on Kids Insights please visit or to contact the Insights People, email [email protected] or call +44330 159 6631.

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