Our Services

Kids Insights enable brands to spot flash trends & opportunities before competitors. We provide:

The UK’s only dynamic online data portal specifically designed to provide data and insights on 4 to 18 year olds, enabling brands to stay informed of global trends and respond proactively to flash trends before competitors.

Based on the data we collect, Kids Insights also produce four quarterly On-Track reports, which inform subscribers what young people are consuming, how they are behaving and what trends are starting to emerge.

Dynamic Data Portal

  • Uncover Trends
    The first real-time data portal designed specifically for the kids market, enabling marketers to analyse the latest data (which we collect weekly) and spot flash trends and opportunities
    Over 400 data sets added every single week, so that trends can be uncovered before anyone else
  • 24/7 ACCESS
    Conventional industry reports are produced annually and provide marketers with just a snapshot of “global trends”. We know that this approach does not fulfil the needs of modern day marketers – due to the increasingly dynamic nature of markets. Using the dynamic data portal, our subscribers can track the latest data, anytime, anywhere.

The Quarterly On-Track Reports

    The UK’s most up to date report on 4-18 year olds, focussing on kids behaviour and consumption. Our reports include detailed commentary designed to give subscribers a comprehensive understanding of what is happening now, and what trends are starting to develop.
  • Over 400 kids interviewed every week!
    With over 400 kids surveyed every single week (5,000 per quarter), On-Track is the most up to date report of its kind.
  • Expert researchers
    Our researchers have access to data from the last 2 years

Off-Track Reports

  • Behind the Scenes
    Launching soon, Off-Track reports is the behind the scenes insight into the world of kids, tweens and teens
  • 30 kids
    With more than thirty kids keeping diaries of their daily lives
  • Unique Insights
    Designed to provide a unique and unrivalled view into their ecosystems

Bespoke Projects

    We can design, develop and deliver bespoke research projects tailored to your individual requirements.
    Our experienced research team have significant experience in delivering projects for some of the top kids and FMCG brands in the world.