The Current Trend Waves

The current trend waves

Kids Insights, the children’s ecosystem specialists who survey more than 400 different children each week (20,000 children a year), have teamed up with the Children’s Media Conference to explore the current trend waves in the children’s onscreen world.

What’s on the up?

Kids Insights data continues to show Netflix and YouTube’s reach expanding, as linear TV recedes.

The following table shows the favourite TV shows across the age ranges 4 – 18.












Whilst they are yet to reach the top spot for a particular age group, the new Netflix TV shows Rick and Morty and Riverdale are increasing in popularity week on week.


What’s plateaued?

Kids Insights data shows that amid rising pressure from parents and the media, the number of children using YouTube has dipped over the last quarter. Our research shows the fall has potentially been most significant with 7-12s. Over the same period, child-friendly platform YouTube Kids has increased in use with its core demographic of 4-6s. Due to recent controversies involving content providers, it’s likely that more parents are driving their children to use YouTube Kids as a substitute to the full YouTube platform.  However, is this creating a gap in the market for a tween-friendly YouTube platform?


What’s on the decline?

Our data shows that binge watching appears to be on decline, as the number of children aged 4-18 who only watch one episode of a TV show at a time has again increased from 18% to 20% (up from 2% in 2016). The number of children watching at least 3 episodes at a time has also fallen from 38% to 36% this quarter. This is surprising given the growth of Netflix over the same period (which is synonymous with binge watching).

A potential factor in the decline of binge viewing could be this generations love for more bite-sized content, a trend driven by social media.

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