The Latest Innovation in Market Insights Industry – FREE REPORT

As we all know, the world is moving faster than ever. With the rise of the internet, mobiles, social media and TV on demand, trends come and go in the blink of an eye.

A Marketers Job is Now More Difficult Than Ever

We’re in unprecedented times where kids have more access to media, more choices and more control and as a marketer it’s more difficult than ever to keep up.

The Old Way of Doing It Just Won’t Cut it Any More

Despite the fact times have changed, the market insights industry has not. You have to ask yourself, is surveying 1000 kids and producing 1 annual report enough anymore? When you’re faced with making an informed decision, you need relevant information, not something which was out of date as soon as it was printed.

A Better Way

At Kids Insights, we survey 400 kids a week to find out what they’re interested in. From what they’re watching, to what they’re playing with, eating and how they’re relaxing… That’s 20,000 kids a year and over 2,600,000 data points. We compile that data and analyse it to provide you with 16 comprehensive reports a year.

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A New Way – Real Insights in Real Time

We’re also delighted to announce the launch of our online portal which puts you in full control to interrogate the data for yourself. You can build your own queries and carry out your own analysis.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We’re already working with DC Thomson, Super Awesome, Walker Books, Turner and Penguin Random House to provide real-time data and insights for their marketing campaigns.