QUIZ: Do You Know Who’s Influencing Your Target Market?

Today on the Kids Insights Blog, we’ve got a quick quiz to test your knowledge of the influencers who carry the most pulling-power with your target market. Do you really know your influencers?

Here’s the questions with the answers below, including the data from our Kids Insights Portal to back those answers up…

Q1) Which personality is most popular with children aged 7-9 years old?

A) Ariane Grande

B) David Beckham

C) Lionel Messi

D) Dan TDM

E) Katy Perry


Dan TDM has risen above David Beckham as one of children aged 7-9s favourite celebrities, and is also above global superstars Katy Perry and Lionel Messi with this segment.


Most Popular Celebrity Of Children Aged 7-9

Q2) Which of these influencers is the most popular with teenage girls?

A) Kate Middleton

B) Miley Cyrus

C) Beyonce

D) Zoella

E) Kylie Jenner

ANSWER: Zoella

Zoella is now more popular than Beyoncé with teenage girls. More YouTube superstars are breaking into the list of children’s favourite famous people and even climbing above some of the world’s most recognisable celebrities.

Q3) Which of these influencers is most popular with girls aged 4-9?

A) Kim Kardashian

B) The Queen

C) Beyonce

D) JoJo Siwa

E) Harry Styles


JoJo Siwa is up threefold with girls 4-9 between Q3 of 2017 and now. The YouTube influencer is steadily growing in followers and we predict that the trend will continue into 2018.

How did you get on? Is your knowledge of the important influencers for your target market as good as it needs to be?

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